Hygiene for dependent people is essential in daily life. It is one of the basic activities to maintain their well-being and quality of life. However, sometimes, if we have not planned our care well, we can get lost.

That is why we propose some ideas to plan the hygiene and personal cleanliness of the person you care for. These are some guidelines that will help you to organize the care and maintain the well-being of the person.

What should proper hygiene look like?

To maintain adequate personal hygiene it is essential to follow daily habits. With them, the hygiene and care of our body is adequate and possible consequences are avoided. From skin problems in some sensitive areas to unwanted infections.

In particular, for people in a situation of dependence, personal hygiene is fundamental. If there are mobility problems, there is a greater chance of skin injuries, for example. So prevention is the key to protection. Proper hygiene prevents and protects. That’s why we have to take into account several essential habits on a daily basis:

  • Daily shower. Taking a daily shower is essential for maintaining good personal hygiene. In cases of dependent people it is essential to take care of the most vulnerable areas such as skin folds. In addition, dry all the skin thoroughly to avoid dryness, itching or eczema.
  • Hydration of the skin. Once dry, we must moisturize the skin properly. By using the right products you will manage to maintain perfect hydration.
  • Hygiene of the feet. Paying the necessary attention to your feet is essential in daily life. Its hygiene, drying and moisturizing will prevent future problems.
  • Nail care. This part of hygiene is also fundamental. Checking, cutting and caring for both hand and foot nails must be integrated into our daily routines. We will avoid future problems.
  • Brush your teeth. Oral hygiene is necessary at any age and in any situation. In addition to going to our dentist once a year or when necessary.

Plan for daily hygiene

In daily life we carry out many activities. Some of them are essential to maintain our well-being. This is the case of personal hygiene. As necessary as other types of basic activities or habits such as healthy eating or physical exercise, it contributes to a good general state of health.

And planning hygiene for dependent people is essential to carry it out properly. From the moment we wake up until the night, hygiene is established as an essential habit.

Hygiene when going to the bathroom

When we wake up we need to go to the bathroom. In situations of dependency, it is possible to need help or support from other people. If the person goes to the bathroom without assistance or uses one of the mobility aids, other very practical support products may be available. Products that facilitate the use of the bathroom and improve the person’s autonomy.

For example, you can use the bath bars.

Placed in any area of the bathroom, you can support yourself when bathing and achieve the necessary stability. Also with the use of wc bars you get a point of support when using the toilet. And if you find it difficult to get up or sit on the toilet, you can always use the toilet lifts.

There are many bathroom aids and they can make your daily hygiene easier. A walker suitable for the home or a chair with a toilet included make your day-to-day life easier, thus maintaining your autonomy to go to the bathroom when you need it.

Daily cleaning and shower

As recommended by health professionals, showering or bathing should be done daily. If you have a mobility problem, use the support products available to help you clean yourself properly and independently. It is important to know what bathing aids are available so that you can continue with your personal hygiene habits on a daily basis.

For example, if you have a mobility problem and cannot install a shower in the bathroom, use the bathing boards. They are simple and very practical technical aids that make it easier for you to get in and out of the bath. You can also use them to sit while you wash yourself. Another option is a shower chair.

These are comfortable products that you can use in the shower or bath to wash yourself in comfort. There is a wide range of shower chairs. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy your shower time.